What is a Violoncello Da Spalla?

da spalla historical picture.jpg

The C Strings feature the only Violoncello Da Spalla exponent in the UK, and this amazing and unique instrument features in all C Strings and Rococo concerts as well as C Strings engagements for weddings and other functions.


The Violoncello Da Spalla is a small cello played braced against the shoulder. The instrument was used by some composers, including J. S. Bach. It has five strings and may have been what Bach had in mind for performing his Cello Suite No. 6. The Da Spalla was designed to be played by violinists, who have limited experience playing instruments such as the viola da gamba or cello, which are held in a vertical position fixed between legs.

The Da Spalla is held on the shoulder and chest, and is larger than the viola but smaller than a regular cello. It has a very distinctive sound - very responsive, articulate and with a woody almost bassoon like quality. Click for more information.